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Book a Mobile Health Service

With the ongoing flu season combined with persistent COVID-19 cases, the best course of action for a peace of mind is a work or home-based mobile testing. With a reliable, same-day PCR testing and results, you are well on your way back to wellness much sooner than later.


How To Order Your Mobile Test:

1. Choose a test and a best time for sample collection below

2. A HoustonDx representative will reach out to confirm your details

3. Rest easy and await your same-day service/results

  • Tests for SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Flu B, & RSV antigens.
    15 min
    169 US dollars
  • Tests for the Flu A, Flu B, & RSV antigens
    15 min
    149 US dollars
  • Skip the hassle of going to a lab for your blood draws.
    30 min
    49 US dollars
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