Ashley's Lab and Mobile Phlebotomy is Here for Us

ALMP is committed to providing clients with highly efficient results and 100% of confidentiality and guarantee of service.

ALMP is dedicated to providing superior service for local medical practice. ALMP and her associates are a privately owned full service clinical reference laboratory that operates in the Houston area and the surrounding suburbs. ALMP's facility is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) that provide exceptionally fast results for medical professionals.

ALMP operates with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy. Their customer service department guarantees to return results as swiftly as possible while keeping results accurate. We strive for courteous relationships with the medical facilities that they serve. They are committed to delivering reliable and precise diagnostic results.

Asked what their mission is, Ashley says that ALMP is focused on providing the superior service that her company has become known for. Medical professionals and healthcare practitioners all over the area have trusted her team for the excellent customer service they've managed to maintain over the years.

HoustonDx Wishes her all the best!

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