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Why is the Flu more deadly for seniors?

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For a number of reasons, the flu is riskier for older persons. One explanation is that your immune system, which aids your body in fighting illnesses, deteriorates with age.

Because your body is occupied with battling the flu, for instance, you could get a secondary infection like pneumonia. The likelihood that older persons would also have other medical illnesses like diabetes, which raises their risk for flu-related complications, is a second factor.

Fortunately, taking the flu shot lowers your risk of contracting the illness and, if you do, of becoming really ill. For those with ongoing medical issues, the flu vaccination is especially beneficial.

For instance, it has been connected to fewer hospitalizations among those with chronic lung illness or diabetes as well as decreased rates of heart difficulties (cardiac events) among those with heart disease.

If you are concerned that you may have a fever or signs of flu, talk with a health care provider to find out what steps you can take to get well soon.

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