Jun 8, 2022 | Sustainable Community Health: A New Social Compact.

Corporate Social Investment, as a voluntary endeavor for corporations, is simply not enough anymore. We need a new social compact model.

About this event

When environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions are woven into a company’s DNA and business strategy, all elements of the ecosystem benefit: people, planet and profits. Health is the new wealth.

Join RFHA at its breakout session at the Rotary International convention to:

1. Learn why, with community health at the core, corporations’ commercial investment decisions sustainably impact the environment, communities and ultimately, human lives. 2. Learn how, through RFHA's Programs, Rotarians can leverage to offer a solution to an identified corporate requirement.

Moderated by Mike McGovern (Chair International PolioPlus Committee at Rotary International) and including 4 international panel members, this session promises to provide food for thought and ideas for action. Note that this event will be followed by RFHA's AGM which you are welcome to attend.

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