Energie Fitness Group

Nancy and her crew is bringing a new face to the look of contemporary gym memberships

While not a gym, Energie is a service that allows you to access gyms without a membership. You can either get passes valid for a single day or bundles of 5 or 10 days worth of passes.

“We sat around the house bored during the pandemic as our gyms closed and yet we kept getting charged monthly fees by local gyms even as we searched for other places to workout. I figured it was time to change the game -Nancy”

While some may prefer the idea of a gym membership as a way to motivate them to go, having single-use tickets to access a gym might make you use them more frequently. This is good for anyone who can't fit in regular workouts or has a schedule that means they can't get round to training frequently enough to make being a member of a gym worthwhile.

It's weird how a random startup named Energie can make you wonder about the pros and cons of a gym membership, isn't it? After all, changing the way things have always been done gives off some decidedly negative vibes.

Throughout this article, we'd made subtle moves towards highlighting some good points of gym membership and a few bad ones, too. Now, instead of hinting, let's just come right out with a few ideas. We'll count on you telling us some of yours in the comments section, too.

Perhaps the best part about having a gym membership is that it reinforces commitment to fitness. In a very real sense, you're putting your money where your mouth is; by paying for the privilege of using a fitness facility, you will be more apt to stick to the program so you get your money's worth.

On the other hand, that's one of the worst downsides. Consider the number of people who sign up for membership with a gym and go religiously... but only for a couple of weeks. And then, life gets in the way: family plans or outings with mates, working late or an event you volunteered to co-host.

Unused gym memberships have become something of a running joke; a staple of television sitcoms. While they may be able to make light of the situation - nothing's real in TV land, those who do end up shelling out for a gym membership they're not using don't find the matter funny at all. Especially because they're likely out of luck when it comes to cancelling their contract or getting any money back.

So it's best to give gym membership serious thought before signing on the dotted line, lest you end up feeling hustled and have nothing to show for all that money you've spent.

Give Energie a try today and you'll be happy you did!

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